Healthy Market of the Molina.

Within the healthy market

In a world where conventional agriculture is still seen as the main way to meet the ever-increasing demand for food, with a lot of pesticides and greenhouse gases, are there alternatives? 

Well, yes, there are! This is also the work of the RAE, the Red de Agricultura Ecologica (or organic farming network for Spanish speakers) which works closely with organic farmers in Peru to facilitate their access to the market with prices that can compete with those of supermarkets! 

Indeed, when it comes to organic products, one of the questions that comes up frequently is that of price! At the moment, much to the chagrin of organic products (and therefore consumer health!), the majority of prices observed in the organic shelves of supermarkets are often higher than those of products from so-called conventional agriculture. This phenomenon is often due to the policy of these large supermarkets, which do not hesitate to make room on consumer awareness or even on their health and often at the expense of producers and the whole industry.  

So this is what led us to the Molina market, an organic market that holds all Saturday in one of the neighborhoods of Lima, to meet small farmers with healthier products than the others and especially consumers , more and more aware of the impact of their diet on their health and the planet and all this has affordable prices!

Tomatoes with a real tomato taste, it changes life!

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