Wetlands and swans

The wetlands, it can quickly become hot ...

It is impossible to talk about forests without mentioning the biodiversity reserve they represent. They are indeed a reserve of life and the habitat of hundreds of species, both vegetable and / or animal, of inestimable values and some of which are unique in the world!

But forests are not the only biodiversity reserves and sometimes, some are both the result of a great disaster and the theater of a struggle between large companies and local populations! As a result of one of the largest earthquakes in history, after entire lands collapsed, wetlands (or Humedales) of the region of Valdivia are created. Over time, they become reserves of biodiversity and the preferred habitat of black-necked swans.

However, following the establishment of a large company and the pollution generated by the latter, the black-necked swan population is on the brink of extinction. It is then that a strong mobilization of the people will lead to the withdrawal of the company in question, to the implementation of sanctions, a strict protection of the wetlands but also the environmental courts of Valdivia! A good example of popular mobilization that made things happen! A source of inspiration ?

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