To the rescue of the trees!

These living beings in their own right...

“A massive reforestation program in the country is good, but with which trees? How will we be able to do the same in Polynesia when we are struggling to find trees?

The question may indeed make sense, but solutions exist! Indeed, between two visits to Chilean national parks, we were given the chance to participate in a somewhat special operation. We were indeed invited, by our friends from CONAF, to a rather special rescue operation since it concerned… Trees!¬†

In Chile, there is an approach allowing any landowner to remove trees from his land to have them removed by the CONAF department so that they can be rehabilitated in fishponds and dedicated to reforestation and reforestation operations!

The little guys go to the field, forks in hand and take care of everything! It is also an opportunity for them to advise the owners on how to manage the trees on their land…

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