Te Mau O Te Vaikava: protecting the ocean and preserving the resources…

For the future of the Ocean !

For the future of the ocean!

More than ever, fishery resources are a real issue on which the eyes of the whole world are being seen. It seemed impossible for us to go through Rapa Nui without talking to you about the largest protected marine area in South America, which is also the only marine protected area of many community uses, because it is managed by Rapa Nui!

The project was able to see the light of day thanks to the work of the local people and especially that of the Association Te Mau O Te Vaikava who was able to participate in the negotiations with the Chilean mainland! 


The marine protected area in a few figures:

  • 720 000 km²
  • Exists since February 27, 2018
  • Prohibits all industrial fishing and mining but authorizes the traditional fishing Rapa Nui for the preservation of culture and resources!

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