Aguas Vaitea: #NoMasPlasticoRapaNui

#NoMasPlasticoRapaNui !

Distributing to drink to people is good, doing it by limiting the use of plastic is better !

It is in short words the message of the company Agua Vaitea of Rapa Nui that does not only distribute water in reusable gallons (like premium in Tahiti) but that also puts fountains available to the population, in some points of the island in order to allow locals to fill their gourdes directly!

It is therefore for a small sum of money (100xpf the 33cl) that you can fill your gourdes and bottles! It’s cheaper for the wallet (cheaper than the price of a bottle in store) and less heavy for the planet! They’re even considering handing out gourdes, if that’s not great!

If you want to support a project that works for a better world and that fights against the pollution of plastic hitting Rapa Nui full whip:

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