Toki: haven of peace and Ark of culture Rapa Nui…

Let's all be tokis!

What if the ancestral culture, the past, could help us build the future?  The Toki school in Rapa Nui believes it.

In this free Center, children can learn classical music, but especially rediscover the culture Rapa Nui as a whole: ukulele, language, dance, ancient agricultural techniques.

Surrounded by organic agricultural fields and equipped with solar panels and water sensors, this small school is now fully self-sufficient! In addition, its walls were erected with 6 years of waste recovered on the island.

Built according to the Eartships method and thanks to the help of many solidarity hands, this school is part of a larger project that would like to help children develop their abilities at different levels in order to train tomorrow’s leaders.

Agriculture, philosophy, culture and a lot of love for nature take a central place in this process. His motto: each one of us is a tool (Toki) and we must sculpt the present to ensure that our future generations can inherit a healthy planet.

The toki school is completely free and exists thanks to the support of volunteers who give their time and energy so that future generations can flourish and live their culture.

If you want to support a project that works for a better world and for the preservation of the culture of the island of Rapa Nui:

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