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The idea behind the project ?

Across the globe, positive citizen initiatives are thriving, movements are arising, and governments are taking the courage to bet on different, more sustainable, models of society.

So we have decided to leave our peaceful comfort to discover this other reality, promoting the Fenua with the Polynesian known simplicity, and showing that there exist solutions all around us to preserve our beautiful planet !

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Positives solutions to reverse climate change!

One of the key value of our project is to share ambitious positive solutions that will help us to reverse climate change with the world ! Here’s a bunch of the latest solutions that we have found. Feel free to consult our solutions page ! See ya later !


Orito: cornerstone of sorting at Rapa Nui…

After reducing the plastic, and if we were to tackle the waste?  This is in any case the Mission of the waste sorting centre of Rapa Nui, Orito, which following a major campaign of awareness and education in the sorting and support of the public authorities succeeded in establishing a viable sorting strategy on the island scale!

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Cover image Vaitea

Aguas Vaitea: #NoMasPlasticoRapaNui

Distributing to drink to people is good, doing it by limiting the use of plastic is better! This is close to the message of the company Agua Vaitea de Rapa Nui that does not only distribute water in reusable gallons (like premium in Tahiti)

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The We Are One Team !

We love to meet new people and get to know other cultures. Wanna meet up?

Moana Van Der Maesen

NSP Founder

I am a young 33 years old Polynesian, founder of the movement "Nana Sac Plastique" that works to protect the oceans and the planet from plastic pollution. As a committed environmental activist, I decided to dedicate my life to the protection of the environment because, in my opinion, there is no more important goal than to preserve the one that gives us everything, Mother Nature.


Earthforce Pacifist Warrior

Hi there ! I'm a 24 years old Polynesian raised on the Island of Tahiti ! I'm an IT Developper who is commited to the preservation of Environnement and Marine Eco systems as ambassador of the NGO Earthforce Fight Squad ! See you on the road !

Team Member Susana

Nunez Lendo

Camera Magician

Freelance journalist and videographer in the marine conservation community in French Polynesia. I try to address environmental issues by putting people at the center and highlighting the values ​​and motivations of people to preserve their natural heritage. More than a job, my job is a passion that responds to the reason of my existence: to love and protect nature.

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